Linux Desktop Files

So, I know this is an easy one, however I am always fumbling around for the proper code, so I decided to add it here, well because you know… I am old and my memory isn’t working so well. So here it is, adding menu items in a Gnome Desktop Environment. Easy-Peezy except when your memory fails you.

With your favorite text editor..umhrm…Sublime Text, create a file in /usr/share/applications/name-of-file.desktop obviously ensuring the directory and the file extension are correct as those are rather important.

Here is a basic example from the Arch Wiki – The Arch Wiki is my goto for just about anything linux, it is an amazing resource, I suggest you check it out…

[Desktop Entry]
Type=Application                          # Indicates the type as listed above
Version=1.0                               # The version of the desktop entry specification to which this file complies
Name=jMemorize                            # The name of the application
Comment=Flash card based learning tool    # A comment which can/will be used as a tooltip
Exec=jmemorize                            # The executable of the application.
Icon=jmemorize                            # The name of the icon that will be used to display this entry
Terminal=false                            # Describes whether this application needs to be run in a terminal or not
Categories=Education;Languages;Java;      # Describes the categories in which this entry should be shown

for good measure, here is a line-by-line breakdown,copied from GnomeDevelopers

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Sample Application Name
Comment=A sample application